End Stand Your Ground Laws Now!

The state of Florida is the main target, but over 20 other states have some type of law on the books that allows a crooked person to kill within the law. The wording may be different from one state to the other, but the implications are the same.

While we understand that the jury in the Trayvon Matin trial was abiding by the law and did not specifically use Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law as a basis for their verdict, they were allowed to hear language from Florida’s statutes, enabling George Zimmerman’s defense to undermine justice in the matter. The jury had no choice, and even if he had been found guilty he would have won on appeal, under the same statutes,

We can change all this. In Florida, and in every state that has enacted laws which can allow someone to manipulate a scenario that allows them to cause great bodily harm or take another’s life, then use the law to avoid prison. We can put an end to injustice before it even happens again.

It’s time to get the word out, with organized, grassroots movements to let our state governments know we want them to END STAND YOUR GROUND Now!


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