End Stand Your Ground: It’s All About The Law


The movement to repeal and end Stand Your Ground laws across the United States is not about Trayvon Martin. It’s not about race or the right to bear arms. It’s not about getting rid of self-defense laws.

Florida stand your ground
Florida stand your ground statute 776.012

There is a misconception in America that African-Americans have been targeted by Stand Your Ground laws, but some statistics indicate whites benefit more than blacks. And maybe that’s where the beliefs begin.

A recent poll shows that most Americans opposed to stand your ground laws are black, or female, or Democrats. The same poll shows the inherent American racial divide, with proponents polled as white, male, Republican gun owners.

The fact that George Zimmerman – the man who killed the poster child that represents a stand against Stand Your Ground laws – was really part-minority fades into the black consciousness like the latest Gallup poll. It’s still a racial thing to African-Americans, who feel slighted at every turn by The Establishment.

Stand Your Ground laws intimidate, provoke, and taunt like the rope noose around a tree limb. If a young black man minding his own business running through the rain at night can’t do it without fear of encountering a concerned citizen who next time might happen to be Republican, white, and a gun owner, who himself feels ‘imminent danger’, then this nation has only just begun to see what Stand Your Ground can do.

We shouldn’t have to wait and see that it’s not about just a Trayvon Martin or a George Zimmerman. It’s about the injustice possible within a flawed law.


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5 thoughts on “End Stand Your Ground: It’s All About The Law

  1. In my opinion, the stand your ground law is a senseless piece of legislation. Being optimistic, I feel the law will eventually be overturned in those states that have the law on the books. Unfortunately, I also feel that the fight to overturn the law will be long and arduous with more tragedies like Trayvon Martin’s yet to come.


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