Flori-duh: A Song About Injustice

Ever wonder what some folks in Canada think about our stand your ground laws? Chris the Canadian linked us up with this down-home, real-talk (check out the lyrics), rockabilly, bluesy, straight-up, whack, gotta-see-it tune:


6 thoughts on “Flori-duh: A Song About Injustice

  1. OMG I got chills at the end when they said *Jim Crow’s* ghost! thanks for posting this song. thanks to the awesome Canadians that wrote & performed this song!

    I know i’m sending it to every official in this state because something just like this song could actually move someone to make the changes we need to live w.o. fear for our children being gunned down in our own back yard!!
    I mean it doesn’t matter what color our child is, if some little cowardly shmuck thinks he can kill someone’s kid, we all have a serious problem, because anyone can decide anyone should die and get away with it. hell no!

    if there isn’t swift change, nothing is holding me here so I can move. but I will not sit back and watch kids die and their killers walk when they blame the kids! these gun laws need to be quashed and Zimmerman needs to be locked up or whatever, as long as he gets what he deserves.


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