The Most Powerfully Chilling Video Ever Made

At first glance, a new, controversial PSA by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) seems like just another PSA. But at it’s core, it cuts to the heart. This video in support of the movement to end stand your ground laws goes through the heart and chills to the bone.

Using audio from calls to police on the Trayvon Martin shooting as shock value, this video also offers stark, creepy images to powerfully reenact the tragic incident. As haunting music plays, we begin to visualize a hoodie-wearing body count multiplying, each signifying a state with stand your ground laws. Some are saying the video goes to far.

After watching it, What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “The Most Powerfully Chilling Video Ever Made

  1. yes it’s heart stopping, it’s terrifying. it’s apropos. this isn’t some fictional hollywood media production, it’s the voice of a real live killer just minutes before he kills! and he and others just like him are out there armed, angry and running loose. that’s the shocking part. you have on tape an angry armed man admitting he’s chasing a teenager for no reasonable reason, clearly cursing and calling him a racial slur (fucking coon) minutes before he shoots a hollow point into a kids heart, even as he’s begging for his life, it’s pretty hard to accept that that man is not locked up for the rest of his life.

    My only critique is the likely inaccurate portrayal of Jenna and Jeremy as innocent bystanders. Many who’ve studied this case believe those two saw and did much more than shrink and cower while calling 911. as soon as I realized how physically close they were to Trayvon’s body, along with the comments they made to each other on their 911 call, I just don’t believe they didn’t see what happened. and I certainly don’t believe Jenna’s testimony at trial. she’s a liar.

    anyway I hope this video scares the shit out of every American that sees it and imagines their kid walking home from 7/11!


What do you think?

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