Video On YouTube: Florida Stand Your Ground Victims

Today I released a short PSA video called “Who Will Be Next?” featuring profiles of eleven unarmed victims (including Trayvon Martin) killed, not only with guns – but with scissors, and knives as well – in Florida, each by someone who at some point invoked the state’s Stand Your Ground laws.

These are only a few. There are dozens more. Some are thugs, but there are many good people who can and do become victimized by someone claiming they were only “standing their ground”.

A few sleepless nights ago, the images of some of these people kept haunting me, urging me to show their faces, and give voices to the impact of their lost lives.

The music in the video was not what was originally planned (I tested using the theme from “Escape from New York”) but YouTube won’t let me due to copyright laws, yet the resulting alternative is not bad. I hope you can get a feel for the movement, learn a little about victims, and thank you for sharing the video with everyone you know!


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