Standing Your Ground

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Since the trial of George Zimmerman, there has been a lot of debate over the legitimacy of “Stand Your Ground” laws. Many claim they are a valid measure for home protection, others cite they open the door for racially-motivated murder. Both are true, but in this guy’s opinion, while the law’s purpose of protecting someone who protects themselves is a valid idea, the manner in which “Stand Your Ground” can — and is — abused is just cause for concern. I mean, look at the facts in Zimmerman’s case.

George Zimmerman spotted Trayvon Martin walking through the neighborhood and found him to be “suspicious”. Zimmerman phoned the police, saying how “these assholes always get away”, then against dispatcher recommendation, got out of his car and pursued Martin, despite police being en route. Zimmerman and Martin got into an altercation, which resulted in a bloody nose and a couple of scratches…

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