Step Closer To George Zimmerman

According to his wife, the unremorseful man who killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense told her & her dad to “step closer” and he would kill them a few days ago, during the latest episode of ‘The Invincible Man’.

Less than two months after he was acquitted, Shellie “Soon-To-Be-Ex” Zimmerman, the wife of George, called police and told the dispatcher she didn’t know what he was capable of (gasp!), and that she was “really, really scared”. Makes me wonder how Trayvon felt.George Zimmerman and trayvon Martin

If you step closer, you can see ‘ol George apparently is relishing in his notoriety. Shellie had already said during an interview the week before that she thinks George Zimmerman feels he is invincible.

Since the acquittal, if you step closer, you can see it appears he likes speeding in his truck, and made an appearance at a gun factory. Guns and speed made good partners in the Wild West, but this is 2013.

Several others have also killed unarmed people in Florida. If you look closer, you will see some of the accused also were involved in other incidents after they were – because of stand-your-ground laws – acquitted or received what may be less than just sentencing, whether the use of deadly force was justified or not. It would be advisable not to step closer to any of these people, especially not the invincible George Zimmerman.

If you step too close, you may have a duty to retreat, call the cops and stand your ground all at the same time.

Watch this news report and judge for yourself – do you think Shellie is lying? stick around after that for the 911 call:


What do you think?

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