Sybrina Fulton Records New Song

America, are you ready? The latest recording artist to emerge onto the music scene is none other than Sybrina Fulton.

Some people may say Sybrina’s got a new hustle, call it cheesy, or say she’s looking for a cash cow, and it certainly may appear distasteful. But Trayvon Martin would probably be proud of his mom for doing something many 17 year-olds may only dream of – releasing a new hip-hop single.cover of single Joy Comes In The Morning

Produced with gospel rap artist T-Dogg, the gospel/hip-hop single called “Joy Comes In The Morning” is surprisingly well-done, but carries an opening intro and a closing epilogue that maybe could have been omitted.

Yet a soothing blend of precision instrumentals, moving lyrics, and crystal-clear vocals which seem to channel Beyonce could almost make one forget that this may be a mother capitalizing on the death of a son.

Tempted by a sample, I liked it so much I bought it, but didn’t care much for the epilogue. That may be because of her use of the word “angel” instead of “my baby” or “my child” to describe Trayvon (since I was no angel myself at 17 years old – but maybe the wings come later).

What do you think? Is the recording a bad idea, or good therapy for her? Is it distasteful, or good gospel?


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