Florida Panel Concedes Stand-Your-Ground Needs Change

A seven member panel of stand-your-ground opponents and proponents debated the law before an audience of 600 guests in Florida a few days ago, in a discussion hosted by the Forum Club of Palm Beach.
Forum Club SYG panel
Top row (l-r): State Atty. Dave Aronberg; Judge Krista Marx; Palm Beach Urban League president Patrick Franklin; Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.
Bottom row (l-r): State Sen. David Simmons (R); State Sen.Chris Smith (D); State Representative David Kerner (D).

The panelists were

  • Republican State Sen. David Simmons who, while in the House of Representatives, was one of the authors of the controversial law, and still supports it;
  • Democratic State Sen.Chris Smith, the highest ranking black elected official in Florida, who has called for the law to be revisited or repealed
  • Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge Krista Marx who was on a special task force which reviewed the law and issued a report supporting the core principles of it. She has said the law is too broad and vague
  • State Rep. Dave Kerner, a former police officer who has been appointed to a house committee that will review the law this fall. He supports revisiting the law
  • Martin County Sheriff William Snyder, a former state legislator and outspoken supporter of the law
  • Palm Beach County State Atty. Dave Aronberg, a former state senator, who supports a review and has blamed judges for expanding the law beyond what it was intended for
  • Patrick Franklin, president of the Urban League of Palm Beach County. The Urban League has called for review and revision of the law

The general concensus after the discussion was that, at the very least, stand-your-ground laws need some changes. The panel was moderated by WPTV News reporter Michael Williams, who issued the following news report:



6 thoughts on “Florida Panel Concedes Stand-Your-Ground Needs Change

  1. It is painfully obvious that so-called “stand your ground” laws were ill-conceived and failed miserably to foresee the negative consequences, most importantly the use of the laws as a shield against prosecution for murderous acts. Stand your ground laws are unnecessary and should be repealed for there is already the concept of self-defense. Those who sponsored and those who voted for such laws need to take a serious look at what they have created. If they don’t choose to re-examine their creation(s) then they need to have their heads examined.
    Thank you,


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