NRA Shoots Down Sarasota, Florida Opposition To Stand-Your-Ground

The National Rifle Association (NRA) wasted no time in squelching a move by the city of Sarasota, Florida to seek a repeal of the state’s stand-your-ground law.

The gun rights group immediately swung into action, shooting down the request by rallying members to contact the Sarasota County Legislative Delegation and demand that they oppose the Sarasota request.  The delegation complied, ruling against Sarasota’s repeal request.

Sarasota County Legislative Delegation [Sarasota County Legislative Delegation Top (l-r): Sen. Michael Bennett (R); Sen. Nancy Detert (R); Rep. Doug Holder (R); Rep. Darryl Rouson (D); Bottom (l-r): Rep. Ken Roberson (R); Rep. Ray Pilon (R); Rep. Greg Steube (R)]

The Sarasota City Commission had recently approved the city’s Revised Final 2014 Legislative Priorities and voted to request that “the state Legislature repeal the Stand Your Ground statute and establish a more civil approach to governance than afforded under the current statute.”

The NRA offically defends stand-your-ground laws as a “right to self defense” and states that stand-your-ground “gives back rights that have been eroded or taken away by the judicial system”. These are misleading statements, intended to support their argument for maintaining SYG laws as is.

Gun rights have not eroded or been taken away by the judicial system, and as they are written, stand-your-ground laws in fact expand gun rights traditionally afforded under the Castle Doctrine.gun barrel

The right to bear arms is instilled in our Constitution, and can never be completely “taken away”. We are a nation that is simply sick of gun violence and many people agree that some type of gun control is needed to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people. As President Obama recently said, the fight for gun laws “ought to obsess us.”

Yet, this movement to end stand-your-ground laws is not about gun control. It is about unnecessary, biased, flawed, and unjust laws that expand gun rights beyond fair, legal limits.

Yes, Mr. President we should be obsessed, and we are. The NRA is obsessed, too, with insisting we not have any gun control at all. With opposition to stand-your-ground laws growing, the NRA may have a lot more shooting left to do.


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