Ron Davis slams stand-your-ground, Michael Dunn

In an interview with Melissa Ross on WJCT News First Coast Connect, Ron Davis, father of Jordan Davis, the 17 year-old killed at a Florida gas station 10 months ago, slams stand-your-ground laws and Michael Dunn, the man who committed the crime. The trial has been delayed until early next year.

The grieving father said he believes the “victim should have a say, and stand-your-ground does not give the victim a say”. He talks about his son Jordan, the incident, and the accused shooter, Dunn, who he depicted as a bitter “coward”.

Davis, who states he is firmly against the SYG¬†law, said that, like most people, he “didn’t even know about the stand-your-ground statute until Trayvon Martin‘s death”. He emphasized that he is not against guns and lawful gun owners but wants to make sure irresponsible gun owners cannot hide behind stand-your-ground.


What do you think?

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