Ohio Stand Your Ground Opponents Using ‘Bush Doctrine’ Ideology Today

Organizers of a rally against stand-your-ground in Ohio are using a “Bush Doctrine” ideology and will express their opposition to the state’s proposed stand-your-ground law, called HB 203, by bringing hundreds of supporters and thousands of signatures to the Ohio statehouse for the opening session of the legislature today.

The notion of a “Bush Doctrine” – a pre-emptive attack as a sort of “preventive war” – when you feel the threat of an attack was used by former President George W. Bush to justify the invasion of Afghanistan after the 9/11 attack. In effect, a proactive, pre-emptive protest against stand-your-ground uses the same ideology, in attacking HB 203 before it can become law.

The rally, scheduled to start with a 10:15AM press conference, is being staged by the Ohio Organizing Collaborative, a group of 14 civic, community, clergy, student, and union organizations, which will also deliver their signed petitions to the Governor, Speaker of the House, and other key lawmakers.
stop stand your ground in ohio
The collaborative says Ohio doesn’t need stand-your-ground, and believes the proposed law isn’t about self-defense, but is instead about the fear of blacks. The group states that HB203 goes far beyond the state’s already reasonable self-defense laws, allows for the shooting of unarmed people, promotes violence, and has no place in their state.

HB203 would change Ohio’s self-defense laws by expanding the circumstances in which a person has no duty to retreat from a threatening situation before using force in self-defense, and make it easier to get concealed-carry permits.

Ohio residents have been very vocal in their stance against stand-your-ground, with the city of Akron this week joining Cincinnati, Youngstown, Dayton, South Euclid and Toledo in voting to oppose the state’s proposed version of a stand-your-ground law.
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4 thoughts on “Ohio Stand Your Ground Opponents Using ‘Bush Doctrine’ Ideology Today

    1. I don’t think there actually is a legal precedent for the term “Bush Doctrine” in a court of law, Jackie. As far as I know, it’s only a theoretical term for a “shoot first” pre-emptive strike used to describe George Bush’s actions in 2001.


      1. I googled the term and it is ‘defined’ different ways. I see it is not a legal term but from what I see, it doesn’t have a single, clear definition. And I did read about Bush’s actions. I would certainly pin it to him. Thank you for your reply; I’m still learning.


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