Stand Your Ground In Action: Dead Men Can’t Talk

Stand Your Ground laws get people killed. It’s as simple as that. And dead men can’t talk, to give their side of the story.

A study released recently by the National Urban League and Mayors Against Illegal Guns found justifiable homicides increased by an average of 53 percent between 2005 and 2007 in 22 states that had passed stand-your-ground laws – while falling 5 percent in the rest of the country! In Florida, that number tripled.

In an editorial, the Chicago Sun-Times points out that we can’t tell how many of these cases involved people who may have mistakenly thought their lives were being threatened. Because dead men can’t talk.

The Sun-Times op-ed reports that, “part of the problem with the laws is that they encourage the George Zimmermans of the world to think they can enforce laws because they are carrying firearms…this is one area of the law that needs to be fixed soon.”

Some victims of someone who invokes stand-your-ground laws are lucky enough to survive. Other times, these laws can and do get people killed. And dead men can’t talk.

It’s happening from ARIZONA:

April, 2012 — A man driving out of a Taco Bell drive-thru gets into a shouting match with a mentally disabled man walking a dog. The driver pulls a gun, kills the man, and waits for police. He claimed the man swung at him with a bat or pipe, but it was a dog leash

…to TEXAS:

July, 2013 — A confrontation at a Houston gas station turns deadly as a Shanequia McDonald, feeling threatened by Lewis Daniel taunting or harassing her, gets a shotgun from her car, kills him, takes a camera from the car, takes his picture, and drives off

May, 2010 — Upset over loud music coming from a 3-year-old’s birthday party, Raul Rodriguez, a retired firefighter with a gun in one hand while on a phone with police claimed he was “standing his ground” as he gunned down his neighbor, elementary school PE teacher Kelly Danaher


August, 2013 — Matthew Henkel said, “Fuck you….”fuck Trayvon Martin” and claimed he was standing up for kids when he confronted and shot an African-American man, Jamal Dixon, after Dixon had complained about kids hitting his car with a ball. Henkel claimed stand-your-ground


May, 2012 — A 78-year-old John Henry Spooner, who had been burglarized, confronted, shot and killed 13-year-old African-American Darrius Simmons as the boy’s mother watched. Spooner claimed stand-your-ground

and of course, IN FLORIDA:

September, 2012 — William Woodward sneaked up on his neighbors during a Labor Day barbecue and opened fire, killing two and injuring another. He claimed he felt threatened by them and claimed stand-your-ground AND the “Bush Doctrine” 

November, 2012 — Michael Dunn, upset over loud music, shoots at four African-American teens in an SUV, killing Jordan Davis, claiming stand-your-ground

In many cases, a person claiming stand-your-ground is nonetheless convicted of the crime, and in many cases, is aware that a stand-your-ground law exists. Even if they are legitimate, it’s their word against the word of the deceased. But dead men can’t talk.

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