Boycott Florida Sunday

Since July, the movement to Boycott Stand Your Ground States has called for a bi-monthly economic boycott of stand your ground states on the 13th (monthly anniversary of the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial for the shooting of Trayvon Martin), and on the 26th (presumably to bolster the economic impact) of each month – with Florida as the first target. The next dates are this Sunday, October 13th, then 13 days later, on Saturday, October 26th.

The Boycott SYG internet movement is calling on consumers, including vacationers, to avoid spending money in Florida and other states with stand your ground laws, urging a boycott of Florida-based corporations (think Koch Brothers or cruise lines like Carnival) and products such as any Florida citrus juices (like Tropicana).

That could mean simply staying on-board while docked on a cruise in Florida, not booking travel in Florida for boycott dates, not buying Florida juices for a day, or entertainers not booking for those dates. How this may affect Florida’s usually robust economy arguably remains to be seen.

Entertainer Stevie Wonder spurred the boycott consciousness when he announced that he would not perform in Florida or any other states with stand your ground laws. Stevie helped romanticize a Martin Luther King holiday with the song “Happy Birthday”, so could the same celebrity power possibly translate into a victory against stand your ground laws in America?

When enough people come together for a common cause powerful things can happen. In the 1960’s, leaders of the civil rights movement led boycotts that brought about many changes in America.

A boycott of Florida and other SYG states is a powerful movement that can, at the very least, bring about changes that are needed in the law.

This boycott movement has released videos and aims to first target states individually, then collectively.

What do you think? Could an economic boycott damage Florida’s economy?

EndStandYourGround is not the organizer of this boycott, but is wholeheartedly encouraging, endorsing, and supporting it.

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