Mother In Stand Your Ground Movie, Son Is Victim Months Later

Imagine acting in a movie about a stand your ground case, and months later your own child is unjustifiably killed by someone claiming immunity under stand your ground law. That’s exactly what happened to Lucia Mcbath.

Lucia McBath
Lucia McBath

Mcbath, a professional model and actress, is the mother of 17-year-old Jordan Davis, gunned down in Florida by 46 year-old Michael Dunn during an argument over loud music. She and the teen’s dad, Ron Davis, have been advocates for changes to Florida’s stand your ground law.

Mcbath has a small role in a new movie, “Stand Your Ground: A Cry For Justice“, where she plays the fictional Mrs. Reymundo, a grieving mother and the wife of a man named Juan Reymundo. Not much is known about her small part. But much is known about the death of Mcbath’s son, Jordan Davis.

On the night after Thanksgiving 2012 (just months after filming wrapped up), as an SUV full of teenagers was parked at a Jacksonville gas station, Michael Dunn parked next to them and got into an argument with Davis as rapper Chief Keef blared from the SUV’s sound system. Dunn didn’t like the music, and started a shouting match with Davis. Then he opened fire, claiming he feared for his life. Davis, in the back seat, was the only one shot, and died on the scene.

The “Stand Your Ground” movie is a courtroom drama based on a true story of faith and a journey experienced by Jackie Carpenter, a Georgia woman, as she fights to free her son, Jason Veitch, from charges of felony murder and other charges. Veitch was defending private property in 2008 when he accidentally shot and killed Gaston Gonzalez, suspected of stealing construction materials. Veitch was later cleared of all charges.

Lucia McBath in Stand Your Ground movie
Lucia Mcbath (foreground, second from left) in publicity photo for Stand Your Ground movie

Lucia Mcbath has endured and will continue to endure her own personal journey through stand your ground law as the trial of Michael Dunn approaches early next year.

Here’s a trailer for the movie, scheduled for a limited theatrical release January 17, 2014:

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6 thoughts on “Mother In Stand Your Ground Movie, Son Is Victim Months Later

  1. wow, i was gonna say this is quite a coincidence. but it’s not because it’s happening every damn day!

    Yesterday i found out abt another kid “legally” murdered last week! And he was shot to death for running down Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood FL trying to get home.

    Him and a friend apparently went swimming at the beach after getting off work as a busboy in the early morning while it’s still dark.
    But him and the friend got into some kinda fight and the friend ran off with the other guy’s clothes leaving him no choice but to walk home naked.
    But then some asshole with a gun who was driving by saw him. And he turned around and went back to confront the naked guy. Instead of helping him or leaving him the fuck alone the guy with the gun got out of his truck, got into some confrontation and then shot the naked, unarmed 22yr old in the stomach KILLING HIM!!

    The victim is a young black male while the murderer is white privileged male. It certainly seems this fact left cops no incentive to arrest or further inconvenience the killer since cops decide there’s no evidence of any wrong doing and refuse to charge him with anything; citing SYG!

    Except it seems like the cops in these types of cases never take into account the rest of the circumstances surrounding the death before they decide NOT to charge the killers. What about the OTHER aspects of the Self defense law? The ones that come first before the SYG statue?

    They only focus on the SYG statue and disregard for example, the concept of equal force during a so-called self defense situation. Like if someone smacks you upside your head you’re not supposed to then grab a hammer and go pound the other guys skull in and call it meeting force with force! That’s NOT equal force, that’s deadly force! Your only supposed to smack him back maybe a little harder.

    And It’s not like the victim ran up to the guy’s truck and yanked him out the window and beat his head into the concrete like another killer’s bullshit story.
    But since the victim isn’t here to tell us his side is i guess we just take the killer’s word for it, because the killers have all kinds of credibility and plenty of reason to tell the truth and nothing but!
    there’s a video i posted yesterday.

    Shannon In Miami ‏@miamidecor 15h
    No ARREST?! WTF is WRONG w/these GUNSUCKING KILLERS??And COPS?? #J4TM Video: Family of shooting victim seeks answers


    1. wow – thx for the info Shannon. I’ll be folllowing up on this one, too. Justifiable homicide under SYG/self-defense law is one is one thing, but this is another. we must demand change, at the very least


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