Pack The House

A crucial event affecting stand your ground law takes place today, as Florida lawmakers consider a bill calling for a full repeal of the state’s stand your ground law.

Some people who support the law are seizing any opportunity to point out a division within the movement to end stand your ground. They see that there are some of us who want a full and complete repeal and others who simply want changes in the law.Pack The House

A House hearing starts at 3:00 p.m. in Webster Hall, 212 Knott Bldg. at the Florida state capitol in Tallahassee. Now is the time for those against stand your ground to come together, pack the house, and deliver a unified message. What, exactly, do we want?

The gun lobby would like people to believe that any attack on stand your ground laws is an attack on their Second Amendment rights. They could not be more wrong. It’s a proven and recorded fact that these laws have been the subject of abuse by criminals and others who try to manipulate the law. Since it is a law that is open to abuse, perhaps it should be completely repealed. That way, a new self-defense bill based on research and experience with the present form as it exists could be drafted.

On the other hand, simply changing certain statutes, especially as it pertains to the ambiguous “no duty to retreat” clause, inherent in stand your ground laws, may pacify some people who maintain this is the flash point.

Whatever options are available to alter or repeal stand your ground should, of course, be carefully looked at, and a clear, common goal will be evident for those who support stand your ground. NRA supporters want to pack their guns. Today, anyone against stand your ground should use a bus, a car, or any other means necessary to pack the house.


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