KKK In African-American ‘Hood Could Incite Stand Your Ground

Editorial cartoon
great job by cartoonist Mike Peters, Dayton Daily News
A Ku Klux Klan group from North Carolina distributed recruitment flyers in New Smyrna Beach, Florida recently, surprising residents of a neighborhood which is predominantly African-American, reports WFTV.

The  KKK group claimed they randomly picked the neighborhood, and that the effort in this neighborhood was an “accident”, but any organization distributing materials would usually know their target market.

Many African-Americans are familiar with the violent history of the KKK and with Florida’s well-publicized stand your ground law.

A provocative incident like this would seem to have the potential to become explosively ill-timed, should a neighborhood resident with no duty to retreat be provoked by a member of the group and feel threatened.

A similar incident was reported in Illinois last month. Do you think the scenario of the KKK in African-American neighborhoods has the possibility to cause a stand your ground incident?

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