Facebook Killer Derek Medina Indicted, Claims Stand Your Ground

MIAMI, FL. (UPDATED December 4, 2013) – Derek Medina, a Miami man accused of killing his wife earlier this year, then posting a picture of her dead body on facebook, was indicted by a grand jury today on a new charge of 1st degree murder, according to a bill of information filed November 26. His attorneys plan to abuse er, use a stand your ground defense.

UPDATE: Facebook Killer Derek Medina Convicted

Derek Medina
Derek Medina

In this unusual twist to the usual “stand your ground” horror stories, Medina, 31, still in jail after a judge denied bond, pled not guilty earlier this year to all three charges of 2nd degree murder with a firearm, throwing a deadly missile, and child endangerment.

He claims he was a victim of spousal abuse by his wife, 26-year-old Jennifer Alfonso. Her friends reportedly say it was just the opposite, and that it was actually Alfonso who was the abuse victim.

Derek Medina and Jennifer Alfonso (facebook)
Derek Medina and Jennifer Alfonso

Medina claims the spousal abuse continued for years, including August 8, 2013 – the day he took Alfonso’s life. He claims she was mad because he had not woke her up in time for a date night, started throwing things at him, verbally threatening him, and finally pulled out a kitchen knife.

Medina claims he then managed to get the knife from her, put it back in a kitchen drawer, and, when Alfonso continued to hit him, he pulled out his .380 caliber gun and fired “six or seven” times, leaving the young woman dead on the kitchen floor. Alfonso’s 10 year-old daughter from a previous marriage was in the house during the shooting.

In a series of photos taken by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office eight days after his arrest, minor bruises are visible on Medina’s tattooed arm. It’s unknown why police waited over a week to take these evidence photos.
Derek Medina 'Injury'3
Derek Medina “injuries” (photos released by Miami-Dade State Atty. Office)

He said he posted messages and the photo of the crime scene on each of their facebook pages to let both their families know what he had done, so they would be prepared to take care of her daughter after his crime.

The shocking, grisly photo of Alfonso bent back at the knees, wearing black stretch pants and a black top, with bloody face and arms, immediately went viral on facebook, but was later taken down. The photo is available but will not be posted here out of respect for the deceased woman’s family.

medina's facebook post
Medina’s facebook post
Derek Medina facebook page
Derek Medina facebook page

An autopsy discovered Alfonso had defensive wounds, and was shot at point-blank range from a higher angle, implicating she may have been kneeling. “The victim was very low to the  ground at the time she was shot,” Detective Jonathan Grossman  testified at a bail hearing. “The victim appeared to  be in a cowering position.”

Medina reportedly called and confessed the crime to his boss after the incident, then stopped by an aunt’s house to say goodbye, before showing up at a Miami police station hours later with his dad. He has reportedly told police, “I don’t feel that I’m guilty, and I feel like this was self-defense.”

More than 40 subpoenas have been issued in connection with the case. A status hearing is set for January 29, 2014, and he is due to enter a plea on the new charge of 1st degree murder on March 6. The trial hearing is set for March 17.

Facebook killer Derek Medina murder scene surveillance video released by Miami-Dade state Attorney’s office (courtesy Miami Herald)

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11 thoughts on “Facebook Killer Derek Medina Indicted, Claims Stand Your Ground

  1. So the only thing he was worried about after murdering his wife was not seeing his Facebook friends any more?

    This guy needs to be waterboarded then shot between his beady eyes.


  2. Early in our marriage my husband suggested once that we needed a gun for protection. I laughed, I said ‘you’re kidding, right?’ We both have hair-trigger tempers and one of us would probably be in prison today if I okayed getting that gun. I don’t believe in guns in homes – period!

    Whether he got angry or if she picked at him, Medina should now pay the price for murder. Stand Your Ground provides a comfort in killing a person who upsets or angers you. ‘Afraid for my life?’ How do you measure fear? Stand Your Ground is too ambiguous to provide any safety to anyone. This law must be repealed – the sooner the better.


  3. Reblogged this on Blackbutterfly7 and commented:
    Legislatures wrote a defense in the law, and killers are using it. It’s the only law that allows people to be react to humans like they react to bugs; i.e., just kill them and say you did it because you’re afraid.


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