Florida Woman Shoots Mother, Claims Stand Your Ground

In one of the weirdest cases yet of stand your ground news from Florida, a woman on trial for shooting her mother as the two women fought at a store where they both worked is claiming stand your ground, saying she fired in self-defense, and the mother is defending her daughter’s actions, taking blame for the incident.

Valerie Rushing, 46, was fired from her job at a Jacksonville convenience store on November 2, 2011, then fired upon by her daughter, Shireeka Wilson, 31, who is charged with aggravated armed domestic battery for shooting her mother in the neck.

Shireeka Wilson
Shireeka Wilson

Rushing, in taking up for her daughter, told the court she was the aggressor in the incident, reports News4Jax, and admits being armed – by having a pair of brass knuckles and a can of mace in her possession during the confrontation. Wilson’s aunt and grandmother, who are Rushing’s sister and mother respectively, have also stepped up to defend Wilson, describing Rushing as a hot-tempered trouble maker.

Wilson said she “just lost it” after Rushing “went wild”, that day, hitting her. She admitted she threw a stapler at her mother, then at some point got a .38 caliber gun. ActionJaxNews reports that Wilson claims the gun accidentally discharged while she was struggling to get her mother to leave the convenience store. Wilson’s next court appearance is Tuesday.

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