Mother Shoots Through Door, Kills Daughter Holding Baby

In a horrible accident a few days before Thanksgiving a Florida woman shot through a door thinking it was her boyfriend, killing her daughter – who was holding a 4-month-old baby. This is the latest in a month-long string of “doorstep shootings” where someone claiming to be in fear fired a gun at the door.

Ruby Bing
Ruby Bing (facebook photo)

On Monday night, November 25th, Adele Bing, 52, of Winter Haven Florida, had a fight with her boyfriend, James Lane, 39, and hit him in the head with a gun. Bing told police he left, but not before telling her he’d be back to kill her. Unbeknownst to Bing, Lane instead went to a hospital to be treated.

While he was at the hospital, Adele Bing claimed she heard a banging and kicking at her apartment door, and, thinking it was Lane, went to the door holding a baseball bat in one hand and a .22 caliber pistol in the other. At the door was her daughter, 25-year-old Ruby Bing, who was holding Adele’s 4-month-old grandchild.

Ruby Bing2
Ruby Bing (facebook photo)

Bing told police that as she opened the door, the gun went off by accident, hitting Ruby with a single shot to the chest. She died at the scene. Luckily, the baby wasn’t hurt. Police arrived to find Adele Bing cradling her daughter’s body, begging her to wake up.

She reportedly has made a statement to police that it was a “f–up accident” and stated, “How can I look my grandkids in their face and say I killed their mother? Y’all can lock me away for good.”

Adele Bing
Adele Bing (Winter Haven Police Dept. booking photo)

She was charged with second degree murder, shooting a deadly weapon, domestic violence with aggravated battery, and child neglect without great bodily harm.

UPDATE: Mom Who Killed Daughter Holding Baby Is Sentenced

Adele Bing
Police bring Adele Bing in for booking.

This and other recent incidents underscore the dangers of approaching a door in supposed “fear” while holding a gun, and of banging on a door at night, heightening the likelihood that a deadly encounter or a self-defense incident may occur.

On November 2nd, 19-year-old Renisha Mcbride was shot and killed after banging on the door of a Michigan home after she wrecked her car. Then on November 27th, Ronald Westbrook, a 72-year-old Georgia man with Alzheimer’s disease, was shot and killed after trying a door at the wrong house, then approaching a man who came outside.

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12 thoughts on “Mother Shoots Through Door, Kills Daughter Holding Baby

  1. I had not heard of Adele Bing; what a terrible tragedy. This woman will never get over killing her daughter. I feel such urgency but I am only one person.


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