Doorbell Prank Leads To Teen Shooting

A couple of teenagers out for fun who were playing a dangerous game of ringing door bells or knocking on doors in the early morning hours on Friday were shot at by a resident in Pennsylvania, and one bullet hit one of the teens in the foot as he was running, according to reports.

Gabe May, 14, of Arendtsville, was admitted to a local hospital with non life-threatening injuries to a leg and foot.

The shooter, Eric Lee Steinour, 28, of Biglerville, was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person. His bond was set at $50,000. He reportedly told police he was just trying to scare the boys.

Eric Lee Steinour
Eric Lee Steinour (Gettysburg Police mug shot)

The boy who was shot told police that after ringing the man’s doorbell, they ran and hid for a few minutes, then started walking when a man appeared out of nowhere, asked if they “were lost”, then, when they turned around and started running, he felt a pain in his foot, soon discovering he had been shot.

He reportedly said a man named Eric helped him call his mother, and carried him to his mother’s car.

Arendtsville officials have received several reports since November of doorbell ringing in the middle of the night. It’s a very dangerous game that can lead to potentially deadly consequences.

Though this is not a stand your ground incident, Pennsylvania has a stand your ground law but it specifically states that “the person against whom the force is used must display or otherwise use a firearm or replica of a firearm or any other weapon readily or apparently capable of lethal use.”

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12 thoughts on “Doorbell Prank Leads To Teen Shooting

  1. Ringing doorbells is a rude and stupid game, and obviously it is no longer safe in this world now owned and operated by the NRA. But stalking pranksters to shoot them is the true crime. So is allowing guns in the hands of people who stalk and shoot kids.


  2. By the way, if you get any links to petitions concerning guns, please post them. As it is now I am signing every single one.


  3. All that for a stupid prank. People are getting used to ‘shoot first.’ Laws are encouraged in a civil society. We are degrading rapidly.


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