This Rapper Shot A Police Officer. Will ‘Stand Your Ground’ Set Him Free?


About an hour before dawn on a February morning this year, Elton Bandoo was asleep in his room when he was suddenly awoken by a loud bang and the sound of the windows of his North Miami Beach home being shattered. “I think we’re being robbed!” his mother shouted from the next room.

Startled, Bandoo says he jumped out of bed, grabbed one of his pistols, and ran to the back of the house, where the sounds seemed to come from. Outside, he would later tell police, he spotted a man climbing over his wooden fence in the darkness. Bandoo fired, hitting the man twice: once in the leg, and once in the arm.

That man turned out to be Lino Diaz, 47, a 18-year veteran of the North Miami Beach Police Department. Officers had surrounded the home to serve a federal search warrant related to an unemployment fraud investigation.

Diaz was…

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