Change Or Repeal: A New Cyber-Active Movement

It’s been over a year since this non-partisan movement to End Stand Your Ground was cyber-active. Apologies to all of you who were faithful readers from the start.

Maybe the hiatus was partly due to a countless overdose of possible stand your ground cases (still trying to catch up on many incidents over the past year), or writer’s block, or so little time while working a job to make a living. Whatever the reason, there’s a lot of catching up to do here (almost done seeping through thousands of emails).Bruce Almighty typing

Now the fight goes on – appropriately starting again on National Gun Violence Awareness Day – with several new, subtle (but unmistakably obvious) changes, which should improve the clarity, awareness, support, and user experience of this network.

The new, biggest change you may notice is that the tag is now ‘to change or repeal’ stand-your-ground laws across America. This was necessary, since basically, if certain states change their ideology and remove the ‘no duty to retreat from anywhere” option, repeal may be unnecessary.

And this movement is not focused on gun control. It’s more about an ideology for saving the lives of unarmed people, whether or not they’re at fault.

Another change is the use of “cyber-movement”, since this activism is taking place primarily via the internet. This should also serve as a reminder to everyone that there is strength in internet users, so your support, participation and involvement – by signup for this blog, a follow on twitter, a like on the ESYG facebook page, comments, and by joining a discussion – is important! You’ll also find this movement has a footprint in many other cyber-places, including YouTubetumblr, Scoop.It, Pinterest, and Google+.

Finally, if you really want to help in an absolutely awesome way, a donation through Paypal would be the ultimate form of support! Expect an improved experience, with updates on all things concerning stand-your-ground and stand your ground laws. Hang on in here for the ride.


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