Facebook Killer Derek Medina Gets Thrown Out Of Court

The Miami man who killed his wife – then posted a confession with a grisly picture of her dead body on facebook – was rebuked by a Miami judge last week during a pre-trial status hearing, and thrown out of a courtroom after repeatedly addressing the judge. He previously interrupted proceedings in a courtroom at a status hearing six months ago, asking for a bench trial.

UPDATE: Facebook Killer Derek Medina Convicted

"Facebook killer" Derek Medina
“Facebook killer” Derek Medina is escorted out of courtroom July 1, 2015 (screenshot credit: CBSMiami)

Derek Medina, now 36 years-old, is accused of murdering his wife, Jennifer Alfonso, 26, two years ago, on August 8, 2013, claiming it was self-defense. He reportedly told police that Alfonso had attacked him by throwing things at him and threatening him with a knife. His attorney at the time, Saam Zanganeh, said they were planning a “stand your ground” defense, alleging Medina had been the victim of  spousal abuse.

Medina reportedly said he posted the picture on the social networking site to let both their families know what he had done, so they would be ready to take care of her young daughter (who was in the couples’ apartment during the incident). He was arrested, and indicted on a first-degree murder charge. Medina entered a plea of not guilty, and has been held in jail since being denied bond after his arrest.


medina's facebook post
medina’s facebook post


Medina appeared disheveled, in a state of hypertrichosis, at a hearing in a Miami-Dade courthouse last week on July 1st, and addressed Judge Yvonne Colodny, claiming, “we have video evidence of Jennifer Alfonso attempting to murder me”. Although being repeatedly warned by Colodny not to speak, and with his attorney admonishing him, Medina was determined to make his point. After several warnings, the judge ordered him out of the courtroom.

Derek Medina
“Facebook killer” Derek Medina (screenshot credit: CBSMiami)

A surveillance video Medina may be referring to (below) appears to show the location of the crime, an off-camera scuffle, and the flash of gunshots, but does not show the actual murder.

Medina obviously can’t keep his mouth shut during court hearings. At a status hearing in January, he stood and requested a bench trial. His next status hearing is set for August 14. The case is scheduled to go to trial on October 12.

(Video courtesy: Miami-Dade Florida state attorney’s office/Miami Herald)

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