Facebook Killer Derek Medina Convicted

Two years after killing his wife then posting a picture of her dead body on facebook, 33 year-old Derek Medina of Miami faces life in prison after being convicted today (November 25, 2015) in the August 8, 2013 murder of 26 year-old Jennifer Alfonso. Medina had been charged with second-degree murder, throwing a deadly missile, and child endangerment.

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Derek Medina
Derek Medina

After a ten day trial before Miami-Dade County Judge Yvonne Colodny a jury convicted Medina of second degree murder. Closing arguments took place on yesterday (November 24), the jury deliberated overnight, and returned a verdict of guilty about 1 P.M. today (November 25).

Medina’s case was rather unusual, in that he has insisted since he was arrested on the day of the crimes that he had been an abused husband and victim of domestic violence for years. He had claimed self-defense, asserting that Alfonso was mad because he had not woke her up in time to watch a movie, started throwing things at him, verbally threatened him, then finally got a kitchen knife and tried to attack him.

He has said he posted messages and a photo of Alfonso’s dead body on each of their facebook pages to let both their families know what he had done, so they would be prepared to take care of Alfonso’s daughter, who was in the couple’s apartment during the incident but did not witness it. The shocking, grisly photo of Alfonso bent back at the knees, wearing black stretch pants and a black top, with bloody face and arms, immediately went viral on social media, but was later taken down.

medina's facebook post
medina’s facebook post

Medina declined a chance to testify during his trial, apparently with good cause. Earlier this year, during a pre-trial status hearing, Medina was thrown out of a courtroom after repeatedly addressing the judge; he had previously interrupted a status hearing to say he wanted a bench trial.