End Stand Your Ground is the leading online source for news and information primarily focused on “stand your ground” in America, and the leading advocate cyber-movement building a nationwide community for change or repeal of stand your ground laws.

The Movement to End Stand Your Ground is a grassroots not-for-profit mission to educate, inform, network, sustain, and advocate for the change or repeal of “stand your ground”, or “shoot first” laws throughout the United States.

This is not a fight against Second Amendment or gun-owner rights. In the U.S., a legal citizen who is not a felon should very well have every right to bear arms and defend himself, family, or property as provided under the Second Amendment, yet stand your ground offers an opportunity for self-defense laws to be abused or manipulated.

Whether by a gun, a knife, or other means, far too many unarmed people are killed every year by someone who has the option to invoke a “stand your ground” law. The wording of the laws may be different from one state to the other, but the implications are the same.

The state of Florida is the main target, but over 20 other American states have some type of law on the books that allows a crooked person to kill within the law.

Some people don’t know whether or not the state they call home has some form of stand your ground law. Some people don’t know what it is. Further, some have even never heard of what’s called a “Castle Doctrine”, or “castle law“.

Castle laws have been in place for hundreds of years. Stand Your Ground changes that. More than half of all American states have some variation of these two, distinct laws.

Stand your ground amends the Castle Doctrine, allowing manipulation of the law. In Florida and other states that enacted stand your ground law, the justifiable homicide rate has increased, implicating these amended laws can allow someone to manipulate a scenario that allows them to cause great bodily harm or take another’s life, then use the law to avoid prison.

One of the major problems with stand your ground laws is that there are too many loopholes. The law is so non-conforming, even a judge given the mandatory task of deciding a case may get confused. This law can be applied unevenly, but is also useless, unnecessary, biased, and flawed.

Injustice continues to happen, and we must put an end to it. We must change all this. It’s time to get the word out, with organized, grassroots movements and let our state governments know we want them to change or END STAND YOUR GROUND Now!

Check here to see if your state has a Stand Your Ground law, read it carefully, then contact your lawmakers and demand that they revisit, then repeal or change any Stand Your Ground laws.


2 thoughts on “About the Movement

  1. Trayvon Martin was shot because he was on top of and beating George Zimmerman’s head into the pavement after breaking his nose – Zimmerman defended himself. Do you think that criminals should be allowed to attack and beat innocent people at will? I don’t think so.


    1. Fair observation Mike. Everyone deserves the right to defend himself, but only use deadly force when necessary. Yet this site is not about Trayvon Martin, but about Stand Your Ground laws.


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