Lawyers Seek New Trial For Michael Dunn In Jordan Davis Murder

After receiving a fourth extension of time to file initial appeal briefs, attorneys for Michael Dunn finally did so, and asked a panel of three judges at Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeals on June 7 to throw out his conviction in the death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

Dunn fatally shot the teenager at a Jacksonville gas station on November, 23, 2012 after a confrontation over loud music coming from a vehicle Davis was sitting in with three friends.

Michael Dunn
Michael Dunn (photo credit: Bruce Lipsky, Florida Times-Union)

Dunn was originally convicted on February 15, 2014 of the attempted murders of Davis’ friends, but a jury deadlocked on whether Dunn was guilty of Davis’ murder. A new jury convicted Dunn of first-degree murder on October 1, 2014.

Dunn is serving a life sentence (with no chance of parole) for the shootings at an undisclosed Florida prison. He was not present at the appeal hearing. It could be weeks or even months before the appeals court issues a ruling. Read the full story at



“3 1/2 Minutes” Advances Toward Oscar Nomination

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced its “shortlist” of 2016 Academy Awards nominees for Best Documentary and “3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets” advanced toward a nomination. The critically acclaimed film about the last three and a half minutes in the life of Florida teenager Jordan Davis becomes one of fifteen semi-finalists (out of 124 film entries submitted) in the category. Now, five of the fifteen will ultimately be the final nominees.

Davis was killed after an angry exchange of words on the day after Thanksgiving in 2012, in a case in which his killer, Michael Dunn claimed was self-defense under Florida’s “stand your ground” law. The film, which has made the rounds at several film festivals & screenings, had its television premiere as an HBO documentary on November 23rd, the third anniversary of the incident (WATCH THE TRAILER).

3 1/2 Minutes Official Movie Poster
3 1/2 Minutes Official Movie Poster

Several other film candidates have gained good reviews and widespread support. They include “He Named Me Malala”, a story about the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai (a leading advocate for children’s rights); and “Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom”, about the 93-day revolutionary protest occupation of Kiev’s central square.

The final nominations will be announced live on Thursday, January 14, 2016. The 88th Academy Awards Oscars® will be held on Sunday, February 28, 2016, at the Dolby Theatre®.

Here’s a schedule of “3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets” upcoming air dates/HBO stations for this month:

Thursday, December 3, 10:15PM CT – HBO2 EAST
Friday, December 4, 1:15AM CT – HBO2 WEST
Sunday, December 6, 11:20AM CT – HBO EAST
Sunday, December 6, 11:20AM CT – HBO LATINO EAST
Sunday, December 6, 2:20PM CT – HBO WEST
Sunday, December 6, 2:20PM CT – HBO LATINO WEST
Monday, December 7, 5:20PM CT – HBO SIGNATURE EAST
Monday, December 7, 8:20PM CT – HBO SIGNATURE WEST
Wednesday, December 9, 3:00PM CT – HBO EAST
Wednesday, December 9, 3:00PM CT – HBO LATINO EAST
Wednesday, December 9, 6:00PM CT – HBO WEST
Wednesday, December 9, 6:00PM CT – HBO LATINO WEST
Friday, December 11, 9:50AM CT – HBO SIGNATURE EAST
Friday, December 11, 12:50PM CT – HBO SIGNATURE WEST
Sunday, December 13, 9:45AM CT – HBO2 EAST
Sunday, December 13, 12:45PM CT – HBO2 WEST
Tuesday, December 15, 11:25AM CT – HBO SIGNATURE EAST
Tuesday, December 15, 2:25PM CT – HBO SIGNATURE WEST
Thursday, December 17, 12:15PM CT – HBO EAST
Thursday, December 17, 12:15PM CT – HBO LATINO EAST
Thursday, December 17, 3:15PM CT – HBO WEST
Thursday, December 17, 3:15PM CT – HBO LATINO WEST
Monday, December 21, 11:50PM CT – HBO SIGNATURE EAST
Tuesday, December 22, 2:50AM CT – HBO SIGNATURE WEST

Jordan Davis Family Can’t Show Support At Michael Dunn Trial

At a pretrial hearing in a Jacksonville court today, 45-year-old Michael Dunn – who killed Jordan Davis, 17, at a Florida gas station last year – appeared in shackles wearing an orange jump suit as Judge Russell Healey acted on three defense motions that impact the upcoming trial.

file booking photo of Michael Dunn
File: booking photo of Michael Dunn

The defense wanted to let the trial jury next year visit the gas station; to only let Jordan Davis’ parents or witnesses inside the courtroom when they testify; and to keep any Davis memorabilia out of court during the trial.

Judge Healy, due to “logistical concerns” for the safety of the jury, denied the motion by Dunn’s defense team, led by attorney Cory Strolla, to allow the jury to visit the scene of the crime, and denied a defense motion to only allow Davis’ family in court while they testify. However, he granted a motion that supporters not be allowed to wear Jordan Davis t-shirts, bracelets, ribbons or memorabilia in court.

stand your ground victim Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis

The judge ruled that Davis’ family members would indeed be allowed at all times inside the courtroom that holds 100 people, yet they will not be allowed to show any emotion during the trial.

After the hearing Lucia Mcbath, Davis’ mother, told FirstCoastNews, “We want to do what’s best for the trial. We want to do what’s best for Jordan and we want to do what’s best for justice, so we will abide by those things.” The teenager was gunned down on November 23 last year after an argument with Dunn over loud rap music booming from an SUV.

Dunn has been in jail since he was arrested the next day, and faces charges on first degree murder and three counts of attempted murder. His next court appearance is January 13, 2014. The trial, expected to last two weeks, is scheduled to start February 3.

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Jordan Davis Remembered, One Year Later

It would be easy for someone who wasn’t affected by the murder of Jordan Davis one year ago to ignore the legacy his death is destined to leave behind. But on this one year anniversary of the night the young African-American teenager was gunned down, many people are still grieving and waiting for justice.

Today in Jacksonville, Florida, loud music blared across Latham Plaza in remembrance as family, friends, and others gathered for a vigil to celebrate the life of a young man gone too soon.

Florida 'stand-your-ground" victim Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis

On Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving last year, the 17 year old was gunned down as he sat in an SUV with friends at a Jacksonville gas station. The shooter, Michael Dunn, claimed he felt threatened after getting into an argument over loud music pumping from the SUV. He is expected to invoke stand your ground immunity.

Jordan Davis’ mother, Lucia Mcbath, and father, Ron Davis, have been on a non-stop crusade to bring about a repeal or changes to stand your ground laws, as they look forward to Michael Dunn’s trial, set for February 3 next year.

Mcbath, now the national spokesperson for Moms Demand Action, recently testified before the U.S. Senate and both parents spoke to Florida’s House of Representatives at hearings on stand your ground laws.

Mcbath says she wants his legacy to be that “everyone has a right to live freely, without fear”. You can honor the life of Jordan Davis by signing the petition to repeal stand your ground laws.
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Mother In Stand Your Ground Movie, Son Is Victim Months Later

Imagine acting in a movie about a stand your ground case, and months later your own child is unjustifiably killed by someone claiming immunity under stand your ground law. That’s exactly what happened to Lucia Mcbath.

Lucia McBath
Lucia McBath

Mcbath, a professional model and actress, is the mother of 17-year-old Jordan Davis, gunned down in Florida by 46 year-old Michael Dunn during an argument over loud music. She and the teen’s dad, Ron Davis, have been advocates for changes to Florida’s stand your ground law.

Mcbath has a small role in a new movie, “Stand Your Ground: A Cry For Justice“, where she plays the fictional Mrs. Reymundo, a grieving mother and the wife of a man named Juan Reymundo. Not much is known about her small part. But much is known about the death of Mcbath’s son, Jordan Davis.

On the night after Thanksgiving 2012 (just months after filming wrapped up), as an SUV full of teenagers was parked at a Jacksonville gas station, Michael Dunn parked next to them and got into an argument with Davis as rapper Chief Keef blared from the SUV’s sound system. Dunn didn’t like the music, and started a shouting match with Davis. Then he opened fire, claiming he feared for his life. Davis, in the back seat, was the only one shot, and died on the scene.

The “Stand Your Ground” movie is a courtroom drama based on a true story of faith and a journey experienced by Jackie Carpenter, a Georgia woman, as she fights to free her son, Jason Veitch, from charges of felony murder and other charges. Veitch was defending private property in 2008 when he accidentally shot and killed Gaston Gonzalez, suspected of stealing construction materials. Veitch was later cleared of all charges.

Lucia McBath in Stand Your Ground movie
Lucia Mcbath (foreground, second from left) in publicity photo for Stand Your Ground movie

Lucia Mcbath has endured and will continue to endure her own personal journey through stand your ground law as the trial of Michael Dunn approaches early next year.

Here’s a trailer for the movie, scheduled for a limited theatrical release January 17, 2014:

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