#TheResistance Is Real

“#TheResistance” – a Twitter hashtag started in response to the policies of President Donald Trump – is undoubtedly real, and more than just a hashtag.

Since Trump became Commander-in-Chief, his actions against so many segments of the population has caused the nation to become extremely polarized, partisan, divided, & chaotic.

During the 2016 election campaign season, I was usually politically quiet, since this movement against stand your ground laws is a non-partisan grassroots organization. But policies and actions of the Trump administration have intruded on that principle.

As a result, an assortment of movements against various federal policies have emerged, leading to a plethora of hashtags on Twitter. Very few hashtags are as universal as #Resist, which morphs into #TheResistance, and expands to include #FollowBackResistance (#FBR).

What started as a grassroots attack on Twitter against Trump’s tactics has morphed and is now used by many progressive movements which incorporate some form of #Resistance with their own hashtags.

Most twitter accounts in the Resistance regularly host what’s called a “follow back resistance party” (#FBRParty), which is simply a social media call-out for twitter follows, likes, retweets, & replies.

Using the words “I and I CARE…DO YOU? Are you with me?” our very first “#FBRparty”, hosted a couple of months ago, brought about 250 new followers to the @endyourstand account overnight, over 500 since it was first posted, and has gained much-needed exposure for the Movement to Change or Repeal Stand Your Ground laws.

So far this tweet’s been viewed over 13,000 times and received hundreds of likes & retweets, placing it among the Top Tweets for this movement. Become a part of this #Resistance advocating against stand your ground laws and Donald Trump. We’ll follow back. Because #TheResistance is real.


What do you think?

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